Installation of Aluminum Columns

Columns are a vital aspect of your home’s exterior design. They offer structural assistance while improving the look of your commercial building or residential unit.

If you plan to have outdoor columns installed on your patio, veranda, deck, balcony, or porch, we recommend high-quality columns. Aluminum columns have grown in popularity as of late, and there are several reasons why.

These decorative columns are customized to accommodate specific heights and widths, which expedites and simplifies the installation or replacement process. Aluminum columns are ideal for all kinds of exterior projects.

We can recommend styles and colors for your railings and columns to correspond with your home’s appearance. You only need to pay for this service once to give your property a finished, professional look, adding more value to it in the process.

Aluminum Columns Advantages


Aluminum columns are made with materials that give them strength and longevity. Aluminum columns don’t require ongoing upkeep or upgrades, just a cleaning now and then. You won’t have to worry about your aluminum splitting, rotting, or warping, either. Corrosion or rusting is not an issue with aluminum – your columns will last for a long time to come.


Exterior columns must offer the right structural strength. You can use aluminum columns for load-carrying and support on covered walkways, overhangs, and balconies.


Public properties, commercial structures, and residences alike make use of aluminum columns. Because of their flexible style and looks, aluminum columns are often seen in churches, restaurants, and hotels almost as much as they in houses.

Glass or aluminum railings, in addition to aluminum columns, are an ideal mix for all exterior makeovers. We can help you select what kind of railings and columns to have installed in your commercial building or home. We come to the site with all the essential materials and equipment ready to take on the whole process from conception to installation. Each railing and column we offer comes in several different styles. We can also customize your property with our design services.


Colour Palette

black, white, brown, sandalwood, cashmere, clay, pewter.


  • 8” Round, 7 standard colours
  • 7 1/4″ x 7 1/4” Square, 7 standard colours
  • 6″x6″ Square, Black, White & Pewter only

Toronto Pro Railings provides column installations for clients in the GTA. Email us a picture of your property using the contact form below, and we will reply with an estimate. Alternatively, you can call us directly at (647) 675-5525.




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