Installation of Separation Barriers and Fences

We provide aluminum fence installation for industrial structures, commercial buildings, and residential units. Our aluminum fences come in a number of colors and styles, and can be used for all types of exterior spaces. They can surround the front yard or act as a swimming pool barrier.

Aluminum Fence Advantages

Aluminum fencing is flexible.

No need to worry about unattractive fencing gaps as aluminum fencing can be installed on sloped or flat land. We are able to coordinate designs and styles for all kinds of exterior settings.

Low maintenance.

Aluminum fencing is as secure as a reinforced metal fence, but substantially cheaper to maintain it. Aluminum won’t get damaged or rust easily, and the material is simple to clean.


Aluminum fencing won’t fade, corrode, or rot, and is able to hold up against all kinds of Canadian weather conditions. As a result of this, a lifetime warranty is offered by many manufacturers and fencing suppliers to symbolize quality assurance.


As tough as steel but as luxurious as wrought iron, aluminum is less costly than both iron and steel since it is cheaper to produce and readily accessible.

Modular wall fencing.

We can barricade pools with aluminum fencing as per local codes and standards. Aluminum fencing can be adjusted to specific heights. They even be capped with spikes for breaching prevention.


Add luxury, value, and beauty to your commercial establishment or residence with aluminum fencing.

Durable, low-maintenance, and aesthetically pleasing, our aluminum fences are developed to safeguard, guide, and organize the public, staff, pedestrians, and everyone else.

We abide by Ontario building codes, and all our work is conducted by-the-book.


black, white, commercial brown, sandalwood, cashmere, clay, pewter.

Colour Palette

Toronto Pro Railings provides separation barrier and fence installation services for clients in the GTA. Send us a picture of your property using the form below, and we will reply with an estimate. You can also call us and speak to one of our experts directly.



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