We integrate luxury design with sophisticated craftsmanship.

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Welcome to Toronto Pro-Railings.

Hello, I’m Tigran. Our company – Toronto Pro-Railings – makes exteriors look beautiful while complying with standards of quality and safety.

For several years now, we’ve been beautifying and enhancing pedestrian zones, office areas, public parks, and residential streets. We can install all kinds of things for outdoor projects, such as gates and privacy fences, columns, railings, protective guardrails, guiding fences, and decorative handrails. Each one of these high-quality products is made with aluminum materials.

Our professional installers are experts when it comes to exterior design projects. They have constructed everything from arbors, pergolas, verandas, balconies, BBQ areas, patios, stairs, decks, and porches. We can install glass railings comprised of quality material that is durable, sturdy, and able to withstand abuse. No matter what we install for you, it will be stylish, comfortable, and cost-effective.

We can also install customized, maintenance-free PolyTek shutters that harmonize with all styles of windows.

Why Toronto Pro-Railings dominates their competition:

We have a reputation for integrating luxurious design with sophisticated craftsmanship using high-quality materials. Here are several other reasons why we are the trusted brand when it comes to external construction:

Commercial & residential.

Our clients are all over the map and include architects, landscapers, designers, municipality officials, renovators, construction groups, business owners, and homeowners.


Each railing installed by us is made in Canada. Every product is put through intense quality-control evaluations in accordance with Ontario standards.

Safety is prioritized.

Each fence, column, and railing is safely installed. Our expert staff emphasizes safety for accident-prevention sake. Whatever we design is adaptable and follows local and state building codes.

Schedules and punctuality.

We provide our clients with a project schedule so they can prepare for the day accordingly. Every installation’s timeframe takes unexpected delays into consideration.


Experience and skill.

A unique approach to each project is what separates us from the competition. We handle everything with a high degree of professionalism, no matter how big or small the project is. It could be a large deck, multiple columns, a medium-size balcony, or a small porch –the work won’t start until we fully comprehend your requirements and needs. We take time installing each railing to account for efficiency, quality, and workmanship.

Options and variety.

Toronto Pro-Railings has a vast array of colors and styles to pick from. Our professionals will be happy to assist you during the estimate process. We will present you with several samples and recommend corresponding railings that suits your project. If you’re indecisive, we can step in and display some examples of projects we’ve finished.



Toronto Pro-Railings integrates luxury design with sophisticated craftsmanship. Send us a picture of the space you want madeover and we will reply with an estimate!

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